Welcome Quest – R33 – Ordinis Mortis and Vengeance!

The Player Owned Towns of Ordinis Mortis and Vengeance will be hosting the Welcome Quest in Release 33.

The specific detail of how to join the Event is listed below, so read carefully.

Ordinis Mortis is a safe merchant town, while Vengeance is a dangerous PvP town, so this quest will feature both friendly and unfriendly towns. The one you choose to enter, will be up to you.  As they say, it’s all about the choices!

Event Details
NAME: Welcome Quest R33
WHEN: Saturday, September 10, 2016  from Noon – 1PM (Central Time USA)
DESCRIPTION: A Welcome Quest will showcase a Player Owned Town (POT) and/or a Player Run Town (PRT) in New Britannia.  If you attend, you will witness a player-driven event in action.  And, the good news is, you’ll be there to participate!

Towns are rotated between each Welcome Quest. Sometimes, a Quest may be on the Overland Map, in order to cover a much larger area.  Every Quest is different.  Are you ready to have fun?!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:  To join in, just teleport to “Greagoir Pendragon” (at the date/time above) and you will be transported to the beginning of the Event.  The starting city will be in Brittany Wharfs at Violation Clauth’s Keep.

From there, we will head from Brittany Wharfs to Ordinis Mortis, where Minerva will be waiting, or Vengeance, where Violation will be waiting. For the rest of the details, you will have to learn them, at the Event!

See You There!


Order’s Auction to be held on Saturday, September 17th at 8 PM EST

The next Order’s Auction will be held on Saturday, September 17 at 8 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time USA).

The auction will be held at the Town home of Violation Clauth, located inside Ordinis Mortis.  This Auction House is well known for holding auctions on a regular basis, and it’s also known as THE place to go, if you want to buy or sell the most valuable item(s).

As you enter Ordinis Mortis, go straight (a few seconds) until you see the Town House (a large stone building) on the left.  The banker, in front, will be available to assist your banking needs.

Participation in the auction is OPEN to everyone, and it’s a great way to see how sandbox gaming (Shroud of the Avatar) gets enhanced!

If you would like to have your high-quality or rare item auctioned at Order’s Auction, please contact “Violation Clauth” in-game.

Here is a photo of Order’s Auction House, on top of Minerva’s “The Filthy Stag” Tavern:


Roper DocHoliday is heading up The Wall Project

City Manager Roper DocHoliday is in charge of building a wall around Ordinis Mortis.  The wall will serve as protection for a portion of the town in case it comes under attack.

Currently, we’re in need of Stone Ladder Straight Castle Wall and Stone Ladder Straight Tower Castle Wall.

The recipes look like this and use the Smelting skill:

Stone Ladder Straight Castle Wall
(1) Smelting Tongs
(1) Stone Chisel
(45) Granite Block
(10) Wooden Board

Stone Ladder Straight Tower Castle Wall
(1) Smelting Tongs
(1) Stone Chisel
(60) Granite Block
(5) Iron Ingot
(20) Wooden Board

Please make these in a ratio of 2:1 (regular walls vs. towers) for now.