Sunday’s Hot Tub Guild Meeting Party

On Sunday, a guild meeting was called to arrange a group adventure.

First to arrive, was Morgoth Redbeard. Took him two seconds to take off his armor and jump in the hot tub with Norah East. Next to arrive, was Luca Xante. He seemed to have trouble getting up the ladder to the greenhouse, but he made it. Luca was not shy at all.

Next, Franky showed up. We had to convince him to take off his armor and join us in the hot tub. But then he went into party mode!
Urwendor Donderrion tested the water with his foot, but decides the temperature was not to his liking.

Meanwhile, Luca entertained us with music while sitting in the hot tub.
Halte Khaza arrived just as we are leaving the hot tub.
Luca and Morgoth tested out PvP and Luca showed no mercy!

Now, off on the group adventure to the Rise and Etceter Craig Mines.


Team Ordinis Mortis Kills The Troll in Ravensmoor Easily

An informal team of multi-guild particpants took down “Torc’Dawl the Broken” tonight.  I imagine it was swift and painless for Torc’D.

Fellowship like this, brings players together when times get tough.

Participants included:  Folly Edimion, Illiott, Majoria, Night Fury, Nikko, Oziel Bahroud, Shipwreck Brokenbow, and Vooch.
Ordinis Mortis is a Player Owned Town in Shroud of the Avatar:
For more information, check us out at:

Free Recipe Teaching This 4-Day Weekend

Vooch will be providing free recipe teaching to anyone in the game, subject to availability.

From NOW (Nov. 23 7 PM) until the Telethon on Monday, November 28, 2016, Vooch is willing to teach anyone recipes that they need, for free.

He’s learned about 90% of the recipes, but as you may know, some are not teachable. He will give you what he can.

The time will be costly for him, but he wants to give back to the community.  Vooch thinks it’s important that everyone help new players into the game. Any tips would be appreciated, but not required.

Just PM “Vooch” in game for availability!

More information can be found here: 


Vooch’s First Conversation with Lord British

While I was unable to attend SotACon East this weekend, several Order of Vengeance (OoV) guildies, Memento Mori friends & Pax Lair friends attended.

I asked my friend Minerva how things were going… and I got a shocking response!



All I can say is, “Awesome!!!”

OMG, I wish I was there!  Earlier this week, I bought the ultrarare 2016 SotACon Cloak to be there in spirit… you can too, by visiting: