Red Cloth Bolt Doorstep vs. Pre-Persistence Monkeysmack Awesomeness

Tonight, Vooch was explaining to Minerva how awesome he felt about his newly-crafted Red Cloth Bolt doorstep for his newly-crafted Four-story Greenhouse (Home crafted by Halte Khaza)…


…when Minerva TRUMPed it with a super awesome design created by monkeysmack, a year earlier (during the Pre-Persistence era).

“Geez, I thought I was doing interesting with my one cloth item on a door step, but I failed here.”, said Vooch.

To see monkeysmack’s awesomeness, simply look below:

2016-12-30-monkeysmack-red-cloth-bolt Streamer Saladid Atreides Visits Valdus Moondust in Ordinis Mortis

On Tuesday, December 6th, Streamer Saladid Atreides visited Ordinis Mortis to get an item crafted by Valdus Moondust of the Lunar Dragons.

While Valdus Moondust was crafting a few bows, Saladid Atreides decided, “I’m gonna look around, this place is kinda cool.”

While roaming around, Saladid Atreides purchased a couple things:  two Streetlamps and a Recall Scroll, and he laughed at the mounted fish behind the Crafting Pavilion.

While visiting Troll‘s place, he said, “This place is loud, but in a cool way.”

When Saladid Atreides walked into “The Filthy Stag Tavern“, Saladid Atreides said, “OMG Guys.  I don’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas, but I think 7 of the 8 reindeer are no more… This wall doesn’t bode well for the future of Christmas.”

Saladid Atreides loved Toria‘s 4-story greenhouse.  When Saladid Atreides slept in Toria‘s bed, Vooch of the Order of Vengeance warned him, “I’m not sure she’ll like you sleeping in her bed.”

Saladid Atreides visited Violation Clauth‘s Auction House, where auctions are held monthly.

Then, Saladid Atreides went into a home and got stuck.  He could have typed:
in the chat window to get unstuck.

He went into Minerva‘s basement, underneath The Filthy Stag Tavern, and said, “for (her) underground militia…army…to take over the city.”.  Then, he went to the roof to see where Ordinis Mortis holds many parties.

He noticed the Gustball Field (and later identified the grass problem with the design), then jumped off the roof of the Filthy Stag Tavern to run over to Minerva‘s Water Home.

Saladid Atreides walked into the walled-off area and walked into a lamp post that needs to be moved.  He said, “That could be an insurance claim.”  LOL

Saladid then walked into a Wizard Tower, went up to the top, then jumped onto a roof, and started running rooftops, while attacking and killing a PVPer named, “D’Weasel“. Saladid Atreides, then ran over some more rooftops, and was able to get inside Torniquet‘s mini-castle.  Thank you for identifying a security problem!

After that, he visited an outhouse and…(blacked out the screen for privacy reasons).

After spending over an hour in town, Saladid Atreides said, “This town seems very well setup for a new player.  You have all the Benefactor tables, which is nice for a new player.”

Saladid Atreides collected his Pine Long Bow of Theurgy +8 (with +2 INT, +5% Weapon Critical Damage, +20 Air Attunement, +17% Weapon Critical Chance, +10 Durability Bonus, and +2 Dexterity) from Valdus Moondust and was on his merry way!

It was interesting to watch Saladid Atreides‘s first visit to Ordinis Mortis and his observations with fresh eyes without a Tour Guide.  He identified the strengths and a couple weaknesses, and we really appreciate that!

Saladid Atreides’ visit to Ordinis Mortis begins at 2h:30m into this video:

Saladid Atreides‘s stream is available at: