Results of Order’s Auction February 18, 2017

These are the results of Order’s Auction in Ordinis Mortis on February 18, 2017:

Silver Ore x100 46,000 gold
100 Supple Leather 8,000
5000 Corpse Wax 11,000
100 Gold Ingots 21,000
Ring of Necromancy Warding +9 (no bidders)
Potion of Focus x25 (no bidders)
Maple Wand of Necromancy +12 7,100
Lich Skull x10 24,000
Tempestry Staff +10 2,000
Necklace of Cautious Precision 45,000
Maple Wand of Sorcery +12 (free gift)
Founder Artisan Tool Reward 31,000
Greypine Longbow of Theury +10 13,000
5000 Mandrake Root 18,500
Ahnk of Sacrifice 125,000
Benefactor Citizen Piano 65,000
Darkstarr-crafted Armor Set 1,000,000
50 Diamond 10,000
50 Skeleton Bone 20,000
Replenishing Snowball Box 30,000
Ring of the Gambler 30,000
25 COTOs 58,000
Mounted Set (w/o Death Bunny or Spawn of Sobek) 62,000
Cloth Cotton Epic Cloth +8 (free gift)
100 Gold Ore 5,500
100 Gold Ore 4,750
Exclamation Stovepipe Hat 6,000
Non-combat Pet Reward 8,000
Kobold Ornate Steam Radiator 12,000
Flaming Bagpipes 13,000
Sigil Cloak Set (no bidders)
Question Stovepipe Hat 6,000
Brass Clockwork Monkey 12,000


R38: Housing and Chest permission system [by Violation Clauth ]

Violation Clauth spent over 13 minutes teaching anyone and everyone interested in Housing and Chest Permissions.

For anyone that owns a Deed/Lot/House, this is an awesome video to watch, especially for security reasons:

There is some very interesting information, including bug(s) in the game, so be sure to watch it.

We really appreciate Violation Clauth for providing this useful video.

One Night Only FEB 14 Sequanna Brasserie

Sequanna Brasserie will be open for one night only, February 14th, from 4pm to 8pm central time in Ordinis Mortis. (just south of Brittany)

Situated beneath the statue of the Titan of Love enjoy a romantic seating and music, under a beautiful Novian sky. Dancing and Dining for those who celebrate the gifts from the Titan, compassion and love. A specially designed menu to savor.


Don’t have someone special, but want to celebrate? Please come for the social table.

Music will be provided by Avatars Radio.

Seating is limited so reservations are strongly recommended.

Please contact the Hosts @Luca Xante or @Minerva