St. Knut’s Day Party


On January 13, friends and citizens of Ordinis Mortis gathered together in a Swedish tradition called, “St. Knut’s Day” and took down the Christmas tree.

The party began with an hour of music. Party organizer Urwendor Donderrion says:

“The old saying “Tjugondedag Knut Christmas danced out” means that Christmas celebrations end on tjugondedag knot, that is, January 13, with games and dancing around the Christmas tree followed by the Christmas tree looting.

In the older tradition and elsewhere in Europe are taking out Christmas January 7, that is, when we celebrate Twelfth Night. Knut The day is named after the Danish Duke Canute Lavard, murdered January 7, 1131 and was later canonized. His death happened to be the day after Epiphany, when Christmas was over. But at the end of the 1600s extended Christmas celebrations with a week, and the name Knut moved 7 to 14 January. The reason was that every great church festival in earlier times had an after eight days later, a so-called octave.

The King Knut is mentioned in the Farmer’s Almanac, the Danish King Knut, who also was declared a saint and who was the patron of the medieval Knutsguilds. Guilds were a form of medieval trading companies. Knutsguilds arranged sometimes knot balls, which are likely to affect twentieth-knot and Christmas tree looting.

Take the opportunity to gather adult and children to one last Christmas party with singing and dancing games around the Christmas tree, Christmas tree looting and fish pond in conclusion. Prepare Christmas tree plundering by hanging up the goodies in the tree, such as candy cones, candy-filled crackers, fancy gingerbread with icing, candy cane canes and other treats that can be eaten. In the past they hung apples in the tree.

Tips for a fun Christmas party looting
1: Eat gingerbread
2: Play and dance last few laps around the Christmas tree. Dance games as: “Fox surprises over the ice” but also dance game “Little frogs”.
3: Sacking Christmas tree at all the goodies and dress
4: Fix the fish pond for children.

When the party is over to pick away the last Christmas decorations and pack them down for next Christmas. Astrid Lindgren’s book “Pippi Longstocking has Christmas tree plundering ‘depicting traditional Christmas tree looting.”

After the music celebration, Halte Khaza led everyone around the Christmas tree, playing the traditional tunes “Carousel” and “Small Frogs”, and then the tree was taken down.


Let’s Help Out Doug’s (IronMaiden) Chemo Relief Fund via GoFundMe


Earlier this week, IronMaiden stated on the SOTA forum, “I was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in November, I no longer have any time and I need money to pay medical bills.” Source:

Thoughts and prayers came from the SOTA community, but Thexedor Markhamm suggested a GoFundMe project if a single buyer of the $25,000 account could not be found.

Thexedor Markhamm, a member of the SOTA community says, “As many of you may be aware one of our community members is in need of our help. He recently discovered he has stage 4 colon cancer. Doug (IronMaiden) has been a long-time backer and supporter of Shroud of the Avatar. He has 7 accounts (ranging from LOTM to Edelmann), multiple add-on store purchases, and several player bought items and lot deeds. He is heavily invested (as you can imagine), but now needs to cash out to relieve the overwhelming medical bills required to continue his chemo treatments. Doug originally sought a single investor to buy all accounts, but due to the size and value of Doug’s investment it has proven difficult.” Source:

These circumstances affected the Ordinis Mortis Player Owned Town community because Boidoc Farinster hangs out with Ordinis Mortis citizens on a regular basis. Boidoc Farinster is a guild member of the “Wardens of the Dead” guild. Doug’s son runs the “Wardens of the Dead” guild and Boidoc Farinster is his brother-in-law.

A GoFundMe project was setup here: to help IronMaiden with medical bills. People who give $25 or more will receive a special in-game cloak. People who donate $100 or more will participate in a special auction.

Gold Crowns Purchasable Items

Gold Crowns of the Obsidians (COTOs) are one of the types of rare COTOs that can drop in-game from almost any activity, with higher occurrences on higher level creatures and resource nodes. Gold Crowns can be used to pay for various things including paying taxes (versus in-game gold), buying rare Obsidian Potions that boost things like carry capacity or gathering speed, and they can even be used to repair maximum durability on items. In addition to dropping in-game, Gold Crowns are also available in the Add-On Store.

Gold Crowns Purchasable Items

Red Cloth Bolt Doorstep vs. Pre-Persistence Monkeysmack Awesomeness

Tonight, Vooch was explaining to Minerva how awesome he felt about his newly-crafted Red Cloth Bolt doorstep for his newly-crafted Four-story Greenhouse (Home crafted by Halte Khaza)…


…when Minerva TRUMPed it with a super awesome design created by monkeysmack, a year earlier (during the Pre-Persistence era).

“Geez, I thought I was doing interesting with my one cloth item on a door step, but I failed here.”, said Vooch.

To see monkeysmack’s awesomeness, simply look below:

2016-12-30-monkeysmack-red-cloth-bolt Streamer Saladid Atreides Visits Valdus Moondust in Ordinis Mortis

On Tuesday, December 6th, Streamer Saladid Atreides visited Ordinis Mortis to get an item crafted by Valdus Moondust of the Lunar Dragons.

While Valdus Moondust was crafting a few bows, Saladid Atreides decided, “I’m gonna look around, this place is kinda cool.”

While roaming around, Saladid Atreides purchased a couple things:  two Streetlamps and a Recall Scroll, and he laughed at the mounted fish behind the Crafting Pavilion.

While visiting Troll‘s place, he said, “This place is loud, but in a cool way.”

When Saladid Atreides walked into “The Filthy Stag Tavern“, Saladid Atreides said, “OMG Guys.  I don’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas, but I think 7 of the 8 reindeer are no more… This wall doesn’t bode well for the future of Christmas.”

Saladid Atreides loved Toria‘s 4-story greenhouse.  When Saladid Atreides slept in Toria‘s bed, Vooch of the Order of Vengeance warned him, “I’m not sure she’ll like you sleeping in her bed.”

Saladid Atreides visited Violation Clauth‘s Auction House, where auctions are held monthly.

Then, Saladid Atreides went into a home and got stuck.  He could have typed:
in the chat window to get unstuck.

He went into Minerva‘s basement, underneath The Filthy Stag Tavern, and said, “for (her) underground militia…army…to take over the city.”.  Then, he went to the roof to see where Ordinis Mortis holds many parties.

He noticed the Gustball Field (and later identified the grass problem with the design), then jumped off the roof of the Filthy Stag Tavern to run over to Minerva‘s Water Home.

Saladid Atreides walked into the walled-off area and walked into a lamp post that needs to be moved.  He said, “That could be an insurance claim.”  LOL

Saladid then walked into a Wizard Tower, went up to the top, then jumped onto a roof, and started running rooftops, while attacking and killing a PVPer named, “D’Weasel“. Saladid Atreides, then ran over some more rooftops, and was able to get inside Torniquet‘s mini-castle.  Thank you for identifying a security problem!

After that, he visited an outhouse and…(blacked out the screen for privacy reasons).

After spending over an hour in town, Saladid Atreides said, “This town seems very well setup for a new player.  You have all the Benefactor tables, which is nice for a new player.”

Saladid Atreides collected his Pine Long Bow of Theurgy +8 (with +2 INT, +5% Weapon Critical Damage, +20 Air Attunement, +17% Weapon Critical Chance, +10 Durability Bonus, and +2 Dexterity) from Valdus Moondust and was on his merry way!

It was interesting to watch Saladid Atreides‘s first visit to Ordinis Mortis and his observations with fresh eyes without a Tour Guide.  He identified the strengths and a couple weaknesses, and we really appreciate that!

Saladid Atreides’ visit to Ordinis Mortis begins at 2h:30m into this video:

Saladid Atreides‘s stream is available at:

Sunday’s Hot Tub Guild Meeting Party

On Sunday, a guild meeting was called to arrange a group adventure.

First to arrive, was Morgoth Redbeard. Took him two seconds to take off his armor and jump in the hot tub with Norah East. Next to arrive, was Luca Xante. He seemed to have trouble getting up the ladder to the greenhouse, but he made it. Luca was not shy at all.

Next, Franky showed up. We had to convince him to take off his armor and join us in the hot tub. But then he went into party mode!
Urwendor Donderrion tested the water with his foot, but decides the temperature was not to his liking.

Meanwhile, Luca entertained us with music while sitting in the hot tub.
Halte Khaza arrived just as we are leaving the hot tub.
Luca and Morgoth tested out PvP and Luca showed no mercy!

Now, off on the group adventure to the Rise and Etceter Craig Mines.