Results from January’s Order’s Auction


21 JAN 2017 – Tonight, Violation Clauth held an Auction in Ordinis Mortis.

These are the items and their selling prices:

Living On A Prayer Sheet Music – Didn’t meet reserve
Magic Sheet Music – 1,000 gold
Benefactor’s Vanduul Polearm – Didn’t meet reserve
Grey Pine Wand of Necromancy +12 6,000 gold
Bronze Shortsword +5 Made by Lord British 85,000 gold
Founders Artisan Tool Reward 30,000 gold
Tiny Airship Decoration Pet 9,000 gold
Village Stone 1-story Basement – Didn’t meet reserve
25 COTOs 50,000 gold
Pure White Dye 2,000 gold
Pure White Dye 2,000 gold
Countach Pink Dye 3,000 gold
Countach Pink Dye 3,000 gold
Ornate Cornicopia 2016 Giveaway went to The Hendoman

The next auction is Saturday, February 18th at 8:00 PM Eastern.


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