Shopping Extravaganza


On Sunday, January 15th, the citizens of Ordinis Mortis held an event called “Shopping Extravaganza”. Players from all over Novia gathered together for a fun day of shopping, crafting, skill training by Grandmasters, music, and a fireworks show. The event was managed by Minerva and it was a huge success.

Minerva said, “I am very grateful for the town pulling together to create such a fun day and for a fantastic community. I enjoy the memories that are made and today sure was a good one. Wonderful turn out and wonderful people. Plus Fireworks!! What else could a person ask for??”





Katakaio took a video of the event, including the fireworks show. You can watch it here:

In other news, a new vendor popped-up in Ordinis Mortis selling interesting items. I will leave the reader on their own to seek out that vendor, but the best way to find this special vendor, is to visit Ordinis Mortis. Upon arrival, go to the Vendor Information Center (first building on the right). Read the “Ordinis Mortis Vendor Guide 505” by clicking on the book on the table. Then use the Town Crier to locate Sean Silverfoot from the list of homeowners. Click on his name, then click the “Set Compass Destination” button and use the compass to locate his vendor.

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